Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Overtake Faster

A series of outdoor print adverts for VW Golf R32. The campaign copy reads 'Overtake faster' and shows images of lorries and coaches which cars often get stuck behind on busy roads. The cars appear a lot shorter then usual, suggesting that WV is so fast, that when you overtake, other cars look smaller.


alexheylings said...

This ad will relate to a lot of people. Looking at the posters you can actually visualise what its like to try and pass the shorter vechile. Its a simple and effective campaign that can work on any billboard, anywhere.

Holly Mee said...

I like how everything has shrunk, a comical way of looking at annoyances that effect us all. Reminds me of when i went to america and saw the size of there vehicles and compared them to ours, we have tiny cars, like those on the posters.