Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Neo Neon

This September, Uk interior designer, Lee Broom, launches his debut range of art-furniture Neo Neon combining neon lighting with traditional pieces of furniture. He describes his exclusive six piece collection of illuminated furniture as 'art that is ultimately functional'. The collection includes Electric Louis’ chair, ‘High Voltage Vanity mirrors’, ‘Neon night stand’, ‘Electro Showcase cabinet’ and ‘Cathode Console.

Lee Broom’s Neo Neon collection is to debut at at the Brick Lane Gallery during this year’s London Design Festival, from Wednesday 19th September through to Monday 24th September..Each individual piece is created in three stages - they are hand carved in Mahogany, lacquered to a high gloss finish and then adorned in neon in a workshop in Brighton. The
application of neon elements to the outlines of the six hand-carved Mahogany pieces (illustrated above with the Electric Louis chairs) “haloes the delicate lines of the traditional furniture whilst casting deep reflections in their richly lacquered surfaces.”

I am sure they will not be to everybodies taste and will have a completely different impact in the light of day, but the range certainly demonstrates a different way of looking at traditional furniture, giving a new meaning to “revival of the classics”.

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