Wednesday, 5 September 2007

BeniFit package design

Benefit’s unique package design and marketing approach have set it aside for other cosmetic companies. BeneFit cosmetics are beautifully imaginative and utilize a fanciful illustration style and bold typography to communicate a brand personality built around the ideas of imagination, free-spiritedness and individuality. The photos and graphics used on the packaging also help contribute to the brand’s playful image.

Unlike many other cosmetic brands, which rely on a very consistent packaging look and feel, BeneFit differentiates itself by building stories around individual products like Dear John facial cream and Bad Gal Lash. They have created an element of surprise and discovery around each product. All have attention-grabbing names, such as Ooh-La-Lift under-eye depuffer and High Brow. These witty, catchy names and vibrant, evocative imagery create a distinctive brand experience that costumers want to buy into.

Benefit was founded in 1991 by identical twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford. They opened their first boutique, The Face Place, in 1976 in San Francisco and quickly opened another three. Their buisness expanded mostly because of their product "Benetint" and in 1991 the company began national distribution and the name was replaced with one that best reflected the intent of the products…Benefit.

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