Friday, 31 August 2007

What Noise?

Whatnoise? is a website created by Kinetic Interactive to support the 'Hear and be Heard' fund for hearing impaired children of Singapore. Centre for hearing Intervention & Language Development. It is a non-profit initiative to raise funds for hearing impaired children from inancially disadvantaged families.

'Five to six children per 1000 in Singapore are born with some degree of hearing loss making it the most common congenitial birth defect, more common than the cleft palate and Down's syndrome. One of these five or six has profound hearing loss, i.e, no hearing at all. The aim of "Hear and be Heard Fund" is to ensure that underprivileged children have the opportunity to develop language to communicate and successfully integrate into Singapore society.'

Rather then bombarding the user with facts and figures, the website highlights and simulates specific problems faced by these children on a daily bases. This is done through a series of experimental games. The conceptual approuch is used, with an emphasis on developing empathy through interactivity

The site's simple design communicates its message in ways that are enlightening and fun

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