Friday, 31 August 2007

My Cuppa Tea

A quirky mug produced by Suck UK, 'my cuppa tea'. The Pantone-esque shades offer visual matches with "milky", "classic British", "builder's brew" and "just tea". Allowing the user to specify their prefered pantone colour of tea.

A similar concept was used a few years ago by British designer Onkar Singh Kular. He produced pantone tea mugs, in 128 shades of brown - from beige to builder's. Whenever a relative or colleague makes tea for the mug owner, they will be able to tell from the colour of the mug exactly how strong it should be and how much milk to add.

Onkar Singh Kular' objective is to create objects which can exist as comfortably in a gallery as in a high street homeware catalogue.

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