Friday, 17 August 2007

Keep It Unreal

The illistrations of Mr Scruff (a DJ from Manchester) are quirky, original and instantly recognisable. They are doodle-esque, lighthearted and often make little sense, which makes them all the more entertaining. Mr Scruff creates his own world within his drawings and his music, although he maintains that the two are virtually unconnected, "they are separate , but come from the same warped mind."

“I always drew cartoons as a kid, and never stopped,” says Mr. Scruff, “my style evolved in schoolbooks when I was in my teens, and ended up as the very simple stylized characters that you see today. I quite like Bod, Stoppit and Tidy-Up – Terry Wogan’s finest moment! And The Clangers” (Fused Magazine, Charlotte Dunckley)

Mr Scruff has a long-standing club night 'Keep it unreal' at Manchester's Music Box and also tours around Britian and the world. A great name for a night in my oppinion. A unique feature for Keep It Unreal is Scruff’s Tea Shop. “The concept is serving tea in a club! Simple, but hardly anyone seems to do it. I assumed because I like drinking tea in clubs, other people would too. The idea came from playing at the Music Box in Manchester. It has 2 rooms, but I didn't want another DJ in there, so I served tea instead.”

Scruff doesn't consider himself an artist, however, he does all his own record & cd covers, most of his gig flyer designs, and all the artwork for videos & club visuals.

Music video for Mr Scruffs' 'Get a move on' can be seen on

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