Saturday, 28 July 2007

Sanna Annukka

Sanna Annukka is a half Finnish and half English illustrator and printmaker with a love for nature and folklore. She is best known for her remerable illistartions for the cover of the keane album "Under The Iron Sea". Her works are a combination of shilouette block shapes and intricate decorations. Colour is used in a bold, saturated way to make the illistrations stand out against the background.

The style is influenced by Finnish folk art and in particular Finland’s national epic known as The Kalevala, a collection of folklore songs which Annukka finds magical. her favourite method of working is silk screen printing her illustrations into large poster size prints. However due to time restrictions on the Keane project she used photoshop, "I created lots of elements (illustrations) inspired from each of the songs and the plan was to merge all the elements into a surreal world or a dream sequence. There is no definite narrative but lots of little ones that merge in and out of each other. I want the viewer to keep noticing new things in the sequence."


SarahFleming said...

Really like the work of this illustrator and you can definately see the influence the Finnish Folk art has had on her style and execution. I think what makes her work particularly striking is her use of her colour palette - she uses just a couple of colours but to maximum effect.

Holly Mee said...

Saw this work and artist in Creative Review, its pretty good stuff. Really like the album work for Keane too, very unique.