Friday, 27 July 2007

James Deavin, a New York Based British photographer, produces art directed photographs that provide the viewer with visual patterns and harmonies.

Deavin was born in 1973 in London and graduated from King's collage with a degree in Classics. After this he went into full-time practice as a photographer with his first assignment being to travel to Bosnia during the ceasefire in 1995 with an aid convoy. Since then he has produced documentary and portrait work published in magazines including London Times, Sunday Review, Creative Review and Next Level

In his work 'These Games We Play" Deavin produced photographs of empty sports venues such as an ice hockey rink, an indoor cricket pitch and a climbing wall.

The images are taken to make the ordinary seem extraordinary. By taking a space that a viewer would possibly be familiar with and using compositional techniques to change the viewers perspective. Deavin creates images that are interesting and visually stimulating. By cropping and changing perspective Deavin shows the space in a new light.

"It just fascinates me how it is possible to approach an entire world through the medium of perspective" (Interview with James Deavin, November 28th, 2006)

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